Beard level 💯

The new sales guy

On Jeff’s first day at Carter Chevrolet, he made quite the first impression. Dressed in a grey suit and orange tie with blue polka dots, he stuck out like a sore thumb. I guess we all dress a little nicer for the first day of a new gig, but come on Jeff… a suit, in Okarche? Lucky for Jeff, he read the room right away and knew he had to make some adjustments. Over time his wardrobe diminished, his beard grew long, and his love for Carter grew strong. We’re not sure if Jeff can sell, but he sure can grow a beard fast.

The story

Media reps will do anything for a good share of business, am I right?

Meet Jeff Redding from Cox media. He had been growing a gnarly beard for years and years, and always said he was going to shave it, but whatever date he set would always come and go. Jeff is a good rep, and like a good rep, he frequents our agency. On multiple occasions (with AND without beer), Jeff eagerly mentioned how ready he was to shave his beard for “something.” Well, that something was a Carter Chevrolet spot where Jeff played an eager sales guy (shocking) that needed to adapt to his surroundings. We shot the spot in about 3/4 of a day with the beard removal expertise of owner/stylist Jerrod Smith from Weldon Jack.

Jeff had not seen his chin in several years, so we didn’t know if he was going to get all emotional when the beard started to disappear. We are happy to report he kept the tears to a minimum the entire shoot, and he was an absolute pro to work with. Thanks to Jeff for being willing to shave for a little share. You never know, he might make a few cameo appearances in the future.

Bye Bye Beard


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Beard level 💯