It’s a rare condition…

…this day and age to have a car dealership like Carter Chevrolet that plain and simply gets people.  They get that you don’t want to see them wearing a crisp shirt and tie, standing next to a car, telling you it’s only $199 a month and the sale ends in 8 minutes.  They also understand that you understand the car they were standing next to in the last sentence can be purchased at literally 10,000 other dealerships across the U-S-of-A.  That being said, they have given us free rein to tell their story and showcase why you should buy from them.

To catch you up, so far we’ve cross promoted them with fried chicken, exploited their beards, featured their amazing shorts and t-shirt wardrobe, taken you on a test drive like no other and recently gave you a glimpse of Trevor’s nightmare. If you’re following the obvious pattern then you know paying homage to the 90’s sitcom “Family Matters” with similar looking, similar sounding music was our next move. We wrote a little song, called Erick Alexander to bring it to life, asked the Carter guys to look cheesy as hell and the rest is history. Onto the next one.  Enjoy!

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