The Swiggarts

The way it was suppose to be

Every year we have the honor to tell a story of hope at Angel’s annual gala. This year, we had the privilege of meeting the Swiggart family.  Their story of becoming a family is so beautiful and moving. You might want to grab a few tissues before you hit play.

This is such a great story that was shared last night at Angels Foster Family Network event. This is an amazing agency that strives hard to support birth families and adoptive/foster families.

If you love good people, and good stories…Do yourself a favor and watch this short story!

I love hearing and watching others Foster journeys. All so different, yet the common thread children need a home with love and families have a home and Love to give.

What a beautiful story of your beautiful family! Brought tears to my eyes! You guys are awesome and your girls are blessed!

Oh my gosh!! I love this so much and glad you followed the Lord’s calling – love seeing your family grow!! Love you guys so much!


Behind the scenes

We shot on location at the Swiggart’s home along with building a mini-set for our paper dolls.

Sharing is Caring

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