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Visiting the Zoo

We absolutely love going to the zoo. Who doesn’t enjoy watching giraffes munch on leaves high in the trees or chimpanzees acting the fool? When the opportunity arose to work with the Tulsa Zoo on a redesigned website, we leaped at the chance.

Excitement aside, we wanted to make sure we had a thorough understanding of the types of people who visit the zoo. We whipped up a Survey Monkey and sent it out to our friends on Facebook. Within a day, we had 150+ responses. Our demographic findings matched closely with research from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums: most often, visitors tended to be millennial moms with 2-3 children who spent up to four hours at the zoo at a time. In addition to understanding demographic data, we also asked respondents what they look for when visiting a zoo’s website. Common responses included animals, ticket prices, hours of operation.

Our visitor-centered approach would revolve around bringing animals to the forefront and designing the home page to give a broad overview of featured animals, what’s happening today at the zoo, and latest news and events. Ticket prices, and the ability to purchase online, are always one click away.

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Mr. Leffingwell