SSM Health St. Anthony Hospital - Midwest

Committed to Midwest City

SSM Health St. Anthony Hospital is proud to announce a new presence in Midwest City

Every community deserves health care it can depend on. For Midwest City, that hasn’t always been the case. SSM Health was ready to step up in a big way.

When the health heavyweight acquired Midwest City’s hospital system in early 2021, they needed a strong start to keep up the positive momentum. So ICG rolled up our sleeves, creating a campaign rooted in commitment.

Commitment at Every Turn

We kicked off the announcement with a tentpole video spot, celebrating the hard working people of Midwest City with a get-in-there-and-go spirit. Empowering digital boards greeted community members along major highways, and print ads spread the word in Midwest City, Choctaw, and Moore.

We even tailored our doctor onboarding strategy to be distinctly local, welcoming doctors who stuck with the community as we would any new provider.

Social Media

The campaign also included robust social media management, including growth of an entirely new hospital identity from the ground up.

Better Care for More Communities

One of the most impressive parts of SSM Health’s commitment was a brand new ambulance service. ICG helped design the ambulance wraps, now serving 13 communities in eastern Oklahoma County. Print ads and high traffic outdoor also christened the new service.

Just Getting Started

As SSM Health began delivering on its promises, we continually evolved the campaign to build excitement about the new. From waiting room updates and chapel renovations to dedicated care standards, we made sure Midwest City knew it could count on SSM Health to be there for the long haul.

A Positive Change

The campaign made a big impact on the community and the SSM Health brand. Across social media, a hopeful sigh of relief was felt as people eagerly shared their excitement.

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