Zoo it All

Your Ticket to Everything!

The Oklahoma City Zoo is the state’s most visited family destination with over a million annual visitors.  So, as you can imagine, we were beyond excited to partner with the 115 year old institution in telling their bigger brand story.  Our first project focused on the ZOO it ALL program, something they have had for years but NO ONE knew about it.   The idea is pretty simple; you pay one price for admission, all rides, attractions, feedings and shows.  It’s your ticket to everything.  It’s a really smart idea because if you’ve been to the zoo and want to do any of the extra rides then you have to buy tokens.  You can guarantee wasting about a hour of your trip standing in line waiting to buy tokens because you have kids pulling on your shirt every 30 seconds wanting to ride this or go feed that.  The ZOO it ALL wristband is perfect for that 5-year old who really likes trains and wants to ride it 37 times.

The Family

Our main video concept focuses on a family of four, led by their super OKC Zoo savvy daughter who convinces them the only way to zoo is to ZOO it ALL.  The digital and print focuses on the variety of attractions included with the ZOO it ALL pass and brings more attention to the wrist band that is indeed your ticket to everything.

Arf Arf Arf Crunch Smack Chew…

The sea lion and giraffe were total divas and wanted their own spots so we obliged with a few :15 seconds spots to run on digital.


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