Reagan Morin

Project deadlines and Saturdays at the Palace on the Prairie are two things she never misses. She may be a Yankee, but we like her anyway.

Andy Lopez Kampf

Every party needs a planner, and she’s ours. She also moonlights as everyone’s favorite rule-following renegade, Park Ranger Pam.

Layni Carney

She’s the first person you’ll see at ICG and she keeps this place in check. She was also one of Oklahoma’s last 6-on-6 basketball players.

Madison Stout

Nuggets of knowledge are this strategist’s favorite snack. Don’t tell that to the 250 pounds of dog she has at home. They’ll want a nibble.

Emily Bartusch

In a past life, she was a cruise ship performer. Now, she’s the info hub for some of ICG’s largest clients. Look at her go.

Isabel Brazil

She may not be kicking rockets on the soccer field, but this former DII athlete still manages to get the W for our partners.

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