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Hustlin' Since 2006

We’re an advertising and marketing agency based in the heart of Oklahoma City.

Since 2006, we’ve worked with like-minded brands to help them discover who they are, develop and deliver on their promise, and get their message to the right people. Most importantly, we get results. After all, our success is dependent on yours.

Agency Services

We're in the attention business

The world is a noisy place. We’re here to help you break through the clutter and make meaningful connections.

First, we take the time to learn from your stakeholders and customers to discover what makes your brand tick. Once we have a clear understanding and a solid brand strategy in place, we craft the voice and visual identity that reflects the best version of yourself. Because your brand is more than your logo – it’s what people say when you’re not in the room.

Funny. Heartwarming. Mind-blowing. However they’re described, the best campaigns make a real connection with consumers. We dig into consumer behavior to find the tensions that lead to creative insights. From strategy to concept to launch, every decision revolves around the central question: will it get attention and drive results?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video weaves them into a story. If your project needs on-site content grabs or multi-day commercial shoots, we can do it all in-house (and sometimes with a little help from our friends.)

Whether your goal is to inform, entertain or sell, content is the currency of the attention economy. From engaging social videos and photography to conversion-driving ad copywriting, we plan and produce content with a purpose.

Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Let’s face it. People scroll their feeds all day, every day – and we do too. Our social team handles strategy, content, posting and community management to put your brand where the action is.

Make the most of your media spend. Creative media planning and buying put your message in front of the right people on traditional and digital platforms. Need next-level reporting? We got you.

Our Philosophy

Big Work.
Big Impact.

We say it a lot. Because we mean it. No matter your organization’s size, it’s totally possible to do big work that makes an impact for your customers and your community. That’s what we’re all about. And we’re looking for partners who feel the same way.

Our Team

One team. Many talents.

Eric Joiner - CEO / Partner

Eric Joiner

CEO, Partner

Doug Farthing - Chief Creative Officer / Partner

Doug Farthing

CCO, Partner

Rusty Duncan - Chief Marketing Officer / Partner

Rusty Duncan

CMO, Partner

Erin Acuff, Senior Director of Client Services at Insight Creative Group

Erin Acuff

VP of Client Strategy

Jason Reynolds - Senior Account Executive

Jason Reynolds

Senior Account Executive

Matt Farley - Business Development Executive at Insight Creative Group

Matt Farley

Business Development Executive

Clint Williams

Account Executive

Sharee Farmer, Director of Operations at Insight Creative Group

Sharee Farmer

Director of Operations

Rian Libich - Accounting Manager

Rian Libich

Director of Finance

Tricia Rogers, Client Services Manager, Insight Creative Group

Tricia Rogers

Account Director

Mason Grimes, Account Manager at Insight Creative Group

Mason Hawkins

Account Manager

Megan Rapp, Account Manager at Insight Creative Group

Megan Crawford

Account Manager

Kriste Day

Media Director

Madison Lippert, Junior Media Buyer/Planner at Insight Creative Group

Madison Lippert

Media Buyer

Ashleigh Bulson

Social Media Manager

Annalee Seigel

Social Media Coordinator

Steve Loftis, Creative Director at Insight Creative Group

Steve Loftis

Creative Director

Cassie (Cas) Ball, Creative Director at Insight Creative Group

Cas Ball

Creative Director

Brandon Anderson

Senior Art Director

Amy Nickerson, Senior Art Director at Insight Creative Group

Amy Nickerson

Senior Art Director

Carlos Erazo, Graphic Designer at Insight Creative Group

Carlos Erazo

Graphic Designer

Danielle (Dani) Oberloier, Copywriter at Insight Creative Group

Danielle Oberloier


Macy Muirhead, Copywriter at Insight Creative Group

Macy Muirhead


Rob Whitlow - Video Specialist

Rob Whitlow

Senior Video Specialist

Jason Gwynn, Video Specialist at Insight Creative Group

Jason Gwynn

Senior Video Specialist / Production Lead

Troy Huddleston, Video Specialist at Insight Creative Group

Troy Huddleston

Video Specialist

Luke Parish

Video Specialist

Who We Work With

Great Partners. Bold Missions.

19 NE 9th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73104