Emily Chancellor

Account Manager

Emily Chancellor is a Client Services Manager at ICG, which means she keeps us in line daily, while also planning ahead to get us thinking past the next 8 hours of deadlines! She’s great at this, thanks to her degree in Business Marketing from OU and a wealth of advertising experience—plus a quick wit and attention to detail.

Emily is a native Oklahoman, although she ran away to the big apple for a few years after college. During her time in NYC, she worked in advertising as a client account manager, handling print, TV and radio for the Verizon and Lancôme accounts. But a true Sooner at heart, Emily found her way back home and is happy to be living in Oklahoma with her round (not overweight!) dog Mr.

Emily is naturally reserved and quiet, until you play against her in about any trivia or board game. Don’t let her sweet demeanor fool you… she’s an intense competitor! Emily loves to stay active by running and spinning, and her idea of quality entertainment is spending time with family and friends… preferably on a relaxing patio. In the fall, make sure to quiz her on her Thunder stats. You’ll be impressed!

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Emily Chancellor