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Agency Services

ICG consists of a team of designers, video editors and strategists well-versed in creating every element within a brand initiative, campaign and corporate communication. When working with the client all services, including design, video production and web development, would be completed in-house (with limited exception.

Branding and Brand Strategy

The best brands successfully align the way they present themselves to the outside world with the way they feel inside. It is consistency in the way they look, the voice and tone in which they speak, and the way they behave. Each component must sync with the next.

Multifaceted Marketing Campaigns

In many cases, ICG serves as the marketing arm to our clients by creating comprehensive quarterly, annual and long-term initiative plans for branding and communication efforts. Plans commonly include consultation in budgeting, creative concept, campaign planning, media placement, social media and SEO/SEM management and tracking metrics.


Social content is a way to connect with others, by way of sharing something. ICG creates entertaining and engaging content that encourages people to spend more time with the brand. It’s important for a brand to provide value to consumers, as it helps drive people though the purchase funnel. Social media provides a platform for brands to demonstrate value through content to an engaged audience. Brands have to pay to push out the content to targeted audience groups.

Web Design and Development

The ICG web team designs responsive sites built with SEO and analytics in mind that function seamlessly across mobile and tablet devices. Web solutions vary from a simple design re-skin or front-end user experience to the development of more complex functionality built on widely supported content management systems.

Market Research and Planning

If needed, market research is a tool at our disposal to make sure the message hits the target. ICG will facilitate independent third-party research, survey creation and campaign analysis for the most forward-thinking campaigns.

Broadcast and Digital Video

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then video’s worth at least 10,000. Whether it’s commercials playing through broadcast TV or digital video streaming through Pandora or Facebook, ICG’s video department shoots, edits and launches great video content for our clients.

Media Strategy and Placement

Our media department handles multi-million dollar traditional and digital media placements each year in over 60 cities across the nation. We purchase media research databases for every market in the country and partner with two of the nation’s leading media rating and performance companies, Nielsen and Scarborough, to give our clients the edge in media buying power. We use Strata, a leading media buying management software, to integrate all media purchasing into one cohesive database and user interface.

Dry Cleaning

Get the feel and fit you want from your clothing all season long with our dry cleaning and laundry services. We work with a decently high  level of care and precision for each and every garment in order to ensure your absolute comfort and style. Our wash and fold service is affordable and offers you a “OK” way to save time. Same day service if you drop off by 5AM.

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What We Do