Annalee Seigel

Social Media Specialist

If it’s online, she’s on it. As Social Media Coordinator, Annalee Seigel keeps our clients on top of the latest trends. From cooking up content calendars to setting up and monitoring social campaigns, Annalee likes, shares, and posts it all.

Annalee joins us from the University of Oklahoma, where she graduated with a degree in Advertising (hey-oh).

On the rare occasion she’s not browsing TikTok and Twitter (rare), she’s catching a bad horror movie or avoiding paper cuts as she tackles her never-ending reading list. Annalee loves getting to know new people, so feel free to ask about her passion for Big Ed and Poot Lovato. IYKYK.

Lately she’s been doing her research on climbing Mt. Everest and kind of thinks she could do it. Kind of.

19 NE 9th Street Oklahoma City, OK 73104