Brandon Anderson

Senior Art Director

Coming from a family of designers, Brandon’s passion for art and design started at an early age. Committed to exercising the creative side of his brain, Brandon made the decision to attend the College of Advertising and Design at Oklahoma Christian University. Armed with the knowledge and tools necessary to create great work, he entered the industry with an unstoppable passion.

Throughout his career, Brandon has continued to collect experience and expand his technical knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator, adding to his already formidable skills in photography and video editing. Through these experiences, Brandon joined up with ICG to become a design rock star. Eight years later, as Senior Art Director, he works with the team to come up with creative solutions and unique design approaches for brands and campaigns.

Accompanied by his wife Jourdan and two sons Jacob and Luke, life outside the office is filled with Legos, geeking-out and lots of video games and pizza. Brandon’s passion for God, family and life have helped him bring well-rounded solutions to his clients. His goal is to obliterate lackluster design, give birth to fresh ideas, and continue his adventures in the industry with an open mind and gracious heart.

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Brandon Anderson