Commercials Are Fake

Challenge Insight Solution Mental health isn’t approachable. We all have brains, but we’re not all chill on chatting about how they’re feeling. This is especially true in Oklahoma, where stigma, fear, and hypermasculinity double-time the taboo. Artificial perfection is everywhere. From flawless influencers to aggressively happy potato chip commercials, people are seemingly living their best […]

Live the Flyover Life

Challenge Insight Solution Oklahoma has a perception problem. If we were playing a word association game, “dusty plains,” “oil rigs,” and “cowboys” would top the list. Millennials view settling down as a compromise. But now that they’re hitting that age, they’re on the hunt for more space, more promise, and more for their dollar — […]

Mental Health Awareness Month

Challenge Insight Solution 988 was the new kid in town. Oklahoma’s mental health lifeline needed to make more Oklahomans aware of it. Enter: Mental Health Awareness Month. No one wants to talk about mental health. Stigma and fear of looking weak or weird keeps Oklahomans from talking openly about their struggles. Or worse, it keeps […]

For Nurses

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Making Friends, Selling Cars

The challenge? Put an Okarche dealership on the map. A decade ago, the only reason you might have made the trip to Okarche was for famous fried chicken. Now, it’s where you go to buy a truck and leave with a friend (and probably chicken too — let’s be realistic). Here’s a taste of what […]

Just a Getaway Away

Challenge Insight Solution Busy people are busy people. Urban families are already overextended. Any new additions to the calendar have to fit between basketball practices, piano lessons, and HOA meetings. A getaway is not a vacation. Vacations are hyper-planned pressure cookers, but getaways are low-stakes breaks for recharging. Unlike Disneyland or a European Vacation™, you […]

Great Service Isn’t Make Believe

Challenge Insight Solution People don’t want to think about home disasters. Homeowners treat maintenance like death and taxes. They know it’s inevitable, but it’s not on their minds until it has to be. Or a toilet’s exploding. The service business is a sea of sameness. You can’t throw a stone in the OKC metro without […]

Get Your Burden Off Your Back

Challenge Insight Solution People don’t want to talk about mental health. In most homes, mental health isn’t kitchen table talk. If we wanted Oklahomans to get things off their chests, our approach had to make the unapproachable…approachable.  Middle aged men face the highest suicide risk. Stigma around mental health is strong in Oklahoma, and “be […]

Now That’s What I Call Ted’s

Get those bellies rumblin’ and chucklin’. Make ‘em hungry. Make it memorable. That was the goal of this silly (and slightly saucy) campaign. Because nothing goes better with an Oklahoma Tex Mex legend than a healthy helping of nostalgia. And cheese sauce. Lots of cheese sauce.

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